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Are you selling yourself short?

I had an accidental sales person come to me a few days ago for a ‘pick me up’ coaching session.

He said to me ‘I must be doing something wrong. No one seems to want to buy.’

When I asked about his activity levels and how many deals had fallen through he told me in the last month he had done three proposals from cold calls, two of which were actually for the same prospect.

Be a hero!

I was having a cup of coffee yesterday with Mike McNulty of the Performance Business. Michael specializes in helping people perform their roles in life with confidence and impact. Michael will shortly be giving a free tele-seminar for the Accidental Salesman Club on increasing your personal impact and as we drank our coffee Michael was telling me about his workshops.

Must, should, could

Sometimes it is hard to prioritise our day, our week, or our month. There are so many things competing for our time. I learnt a technique from my days in IT consulting which really helps me prioritise at times when I have far too much on my plate. It is a good start in helping to thin out my list of tasks….

Get a sheet of paper and turn it sideways (ie landscape) and draw 3 columns. Name the columns MUST, SHOULD, COULD respectively.

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales Activity

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and profitable sales is the starting point towards cash in the bank. No cash means No business. For many businesses in the recession sales provide them with their regular source of cash. Most business owners understand this intellectually and yet at some level many people who start a business for themselves hate the idea of having to sell.


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