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10 questions to answer before you start writing your own business book

writing a business book

A business book is a great marketing tool for people in the business of selling their expertise and know-how. Instead of thinking about it as just a book, however, you should be thinking of it as a product your ideal clients will want to buy.

The 7 biggest mistakes business owners make when recruiting sales people and how to avoid them

hiring sales people

Hiring sales people can be a risky business, even for large companies with sophisticated recruitment processes, let alone a smaller business run by an accidental sales person with no background in sales management. Hiring a good sales person can be one of the best things you do for your business but equally it can turn out to be an expensive mistake and the source of a lot of heartache. Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes to avoid:

Mistake # 1 - Assuming all sales people can sell

5 mistakes people make when writing sales proposals

If you find yourself regularly losing sales even though you thought you had it in the bag then it might be worth making sure that your sales proposals are not letting you down. Here are 5 common mistakes I find when reviewing sales proposals for clients:

Mistake #1 - Not enough detail

3 Soft Selling techniques for handling price objections

soft selling and price objections

Soft selling does not mean giving in to price objections - far from it! Handling price objections is an area of sales that many accidental sales people struggle with. What do you say when people question your prices?

Here are 3 soft selling strategies which make it a loss less scary.


Sales Jargon De-Mystified: Pre-selling

If you are someone who does not like selling then pre-selling is definitely something you should be looking at integrating into your sales technique. It is one of my favourite Soft Selling strategies.

Client development: Setting expectations about bonuses

client development set expectations

In the last year I have had three occasions where I have made significant purchases for services and all three had very compelling offers. Unfortunately all three have not delivered on all their promises. They have delivered the core of their offer but some of the extras have either been forgotten or have not lived up to expectations.

Thinking outside the box

Better to be known for something than for nothing. One of the key parts of my Lead Generation Master Class workshops is to get people to focus on their ideal client and why their ideal client REALLY needs to speak to them. So many people struggle with generating leads NOT because they are highly talented but because they are just like everyone else.

Be a radiator

There are two types of people, radiators and drains. Radiators give energy whilst drains sap energy. Radiators love other radiators and drains love radiators even more. Radiators give drains a boost and help to make people feel better about their situation or themselves.

A sincere complement costs nothing and yet is incredibly valuable to the recipient. It will also do wonders for your own self esteem and confidence as you see the pleasure you are spreading.

Stand up and be heard!

Public Speaking is an important lead generation strategy if you are in the business of selling your expertise and there are lots of opportunities these days to raise your profile and awareness through public speaking. Make sure that you are adding value by your speaking rather than doing a sales pitch.

When I started speaking I was very uncomfortable but I found that my comfort zone quickly stretched and now I really enjoy it!

Are you taking the lead?

I was doing a workshop yesterday and I did a 5 minute brainstorming session within the room as to ways of generating leads. Within 5 minutes we had 25 different ways and they were still coming thick and fast. Most did not involve a lot of expense. I asked around the room how many strategies people were using and it ranged for 1 to 4. The same people in the room that said they wanted more sales were saying that they were not adopting strategies that they already knew about!!


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