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Thinking outside the box

Better to be known for something than for nothing. One of the key parts of my Lead Generation Master Class workshops is to get people to focus on their ideal client and why their ideal client REALLY needs to speak to them. So many people struggle with generating leads NOT because they are highly talented but because they are just like everyone else.

Be a radiator

There are two types of people, radiators and drains. Radiators give energy whilst drains sap energy. Radiators love other radiators and drains love radiators even more. Radiators give drains a boost and help to make people feel better about their situation or themselves.

A sincere complement costs nothing and yet is incredibly valuable to the recipient. It will also do wonders for your own self esteem and confidence as you see the pleasure you are spreading.

Stand up and be heard!

Public Speaking is an important lead generation strategy if you are in the business of selling your expertise and there are lots of opportunities these days to raise your profile and awareness through public speaking. Make sure that you are adding value by your speaking rather than doing a sales pitch.

When I started speaking I was very uncomfortable but I found that my comfort zone quickly stretched and now I really enjoy it!

Are you taking the lead?

I was doing a workshop yesterday and I did a 5 minute brainstorming session within the room as to ways of generating leads. Within 5 minutes we had 25 different ways and they were still coming thick and fast. Most did not involve a lot of expense. I asked around the room how many strategies people were using and it ranged for 1 to 4. The same people in the room that said they wanted more sales were saying that they were not adopting strategies that they already knew about!!

5 reasons why people fail to generate more leads from networking

Business networking seems so easy. Yet so may accidental sales people fail to generate as many leads as they could from business networking. In this article I list the top 5 reasons I have found for people not generating more sales leads from business networking.

Reason 1 – Insufficient action

Relationships first, business second

Would you do business with a total stranger? If someone came up to you in the middle of the street and started to promote their business to you, what would your reaction be? Well if it is like most people, they would be on their guard and no matter how compelling the offer was, they would be a bit suspicious.

The more the other person pushes an idea, the more we back away – even though the may the very thing we are looking for. When networking you need to remember it is all about people and that means to get success we need to go with human nature.

5 Strategies for winning more referrals from networking

I spoke at a Speed Networking event last week on 5 Strategies for developing more leads and introductions from networking (face to face that is). These are the strategies we learn to apply on my Lead generation Master Class so that by the end of the day all attendees are starting to generate leads on the workshop! The strategies are simple but the challenge is applying them to your organisation such that they start working immediately.

So What? Who cares?

People do not buy products and services just for the sake of it, and especially not companies. You can safely assume that companies will not spend any money unless there is a profit motive (this may not be 100% true but assuming it will be a good discipline to have).Either they want to increase revenue or reduce costs. A company will increase costs in the short term to reduce costs in the longer term. They will spend more money in one area to save even more costs in another area.

Lead with the crown jewels

If you go to any car boot sale you will find an endless river of tables with what appears to be identical things for sale. There will be a pile of well thumbed books, a number of glasses that came free with 4 gallons of petrol and a collection of assorted tea cups, some of which have saucers! The visitors, seemingly desperate to add to their well thumbed book collection and stock up on their free glass collection, haggle over pennies as they go from table to table.

Why should they buy from you when they can buy virtually the same thing from every other table?

Aim to arrive pre-sold!

Relationships and trust are two key variables in a sale and it takes a lot longer to build them up from a cold call than it does from an introduction from someone who already has a relationship and the trust of your prospect.


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