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Show them the money! Show them the money!

Anyone who has been to one of my trainings know that I delight in drawing wisdom from movies. Its my excuse for indulging in my passion! There is nothing better than seeing a great movie on the big screen whilst munching on popcorn! Pure heaven!

The business card that said it all!

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to attend a breakfast networking meeting. I stood up and did my 1 minute presentation focusing on turning around failing sales people. I got an excellent referral from a business owner who had been pulling his hair out trying to get his sales person to start closing some business.

Cold calling tips for reaching senior decision makers

In recent free teleseminar David Festenstein of TeleOpen who was talking to us about using cold calling to gain appointments with senior executives of large companies. We had a good sized audience with lots of great questions being posed.

David started off explaining why normal cold calling approaches are less effective with senior decision makers and why people who are OK with cold calling in general, shy away from calling senior decision makers.

The golden hello!

Last night I was relaxing at my local health spa before doing a free teleseminar for the Accidental Salesman. I was in the steam room making friendly conversation with another club member. We had not spoken before and I could not actually see him because the room was exceptionally steamy.

What is a good sales pitch?

It seems that everyone knows what a sales pitch is and yet few know what is a good sales pitch except when on the receiving end of one! This article aims to demystify what is a key part of the sales process. Whether we like it of not, if we want someone to say yes then we need to do a pitch, no matter how subtle, or rely on our prospects to either be psychic or desperate enough to work it all out for us!

Behave online in the same way as you would offline

I am not sure what it is but some people take on a totally different persona once they get behind a keyboard. They do and say things that they would not dream of doing in a million years in their offline world. Yet the paradox is that the activity online is more likely to be discovered.

The 9 Laws of Sales Success

I tend to work with people where they seem to have everything going for them in terms of business and yet something is just not quite working. In many cases they know HOW to sell but for some reason they are not getting enough business.

I am going to do a separate article on self-motivation and I got writing down some assumptions I make that have worked well for me and I also use as a sort of diagnostic when working with other people.

Never say never cold call!

Although cold calling may not be the most effective form of lead generation in terms of conversion rates, I would not rule out cold calling if you need to get some momentum in your business development. I have a client whom since biting the bullet and starting to make the calls has started getting loads more referrals. Weird eh?!!

He listened to the excellent free audios and videos on this site on cold calling by leading experts to learn some key strategies. We then worked out his approach and did some role playing and objection handling to help build his confidence.

Day 1 – 6 Golden questions for lead generation: Who is your target audience?

There are 6 questions that I use to turnaround the sales fortunes of my clients.

Over the next 6 days I am going to share these questions with you to help you with lead generation. Follow each blog and I will help you to understand how to approach answering the questions.

Day 1: Who is your target audience?
Day 2: Where is their pain?
Day 3: How do you take their pain away?
Day 4: Why you? (and not your competitors).
Day 5: Where is your credibility?
Day 6: How will they find you?

Day 2 – 6 Golden questions for lead generation: Where is their Pain?

Where is their pain?

Yesterday we covered, who your target audience is. We separated your target audience into categories. Today we are going to focus on their pain. If we can establish their pain it will make it easier for you to sell to them.


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